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If you make the effort to work out, go to the gym and eat right, the last thing you’ll want is a less-than-ideal smile letting your appearance down.

By far the best solution to a crooked smile is braces. Straightening your gnashers permanently and giving you a smile to be proud of, braces are an affordable and effective long-term solution for crooked teeth.

Though many people have braces as children, more and more adults are now undergoing the procedure. So what age is best for braces and can you still see great results if you start now?

Braces for kids

Kids can have crooked teeth for all sorts of reasons from thumb sucking to overcrowding. Normally, your dentist should be able to spot a problem fairly early on, giving you and your children plenty of time to get used to the idea of braces.

Most dentists recommend getting an orthodontic evaluation at around seven years old; however you’ll need to wait until the majority of your child’s adult teeth have come through before going ahead with the work.

In general, kids start their orthodontic treatment between the ages of eight and fourteen years old. The length of time that your child will need to wear braces will vary depending on their teeth, but normally treatments last for around two years.

Braces for adults 

Adults want to straighten their teeth for a variety of reasons from boosting their self-esteem to improving their appearance for work or social purposes.

For those that missed out on braces as a child or for those whose teeth have shifted as they’ve grown up, adult braces are a great way to correct a smile.

Luckily, you’re never too old for braces, allowing anyone that wants to the chance to perfect their smile and improve the appearance of their teeth.

As many adults are self-conscious about the appearance of braces, a great alternative to traditional train tracks is Invisalign invisible braces.

Made from clear plastic and fitted to each patient, Invisalign braces are almost invisible when in place. This gives the wearer more confidence to go about their daily lives, meet new people and socialise as normal during their orthodontic procedure.

Once you’ve completed your treatment, your teeth should look fantastic, boosting your confidence even more and giving you a smile to be proud of.