For most of us, Thanksgiving is a day filled with turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and then some. This can pose an issue for those who are trying to maintain a health and wellness routine. While you want enjoy your Thanksgiving, you definitely do not want to over-indulge and derail your fitness efforts. This year, [...] To read the rest of this post, visit me over at!


The holidays are typically a time of great temptation with all of the fun social events and delicious meals. For many, the term “holiday” means “a period of time when all discipline and fitness routines go out the window”. Instead of spending your time-off on the couch with a jar of Nutella in your face [...] To read the rest of this post, visit me over at!


The Best Yard Workouts for Fall

by Jennifer on November 4, 2014

The great thing about yard work during the Fall is that you don’t have to toil in the blistering heat. The days may be cooler, but as the weather is turning – so is the shape of your yard. This means it’s time to get down and dirty. You can keep your yard, as well [...] To read the rest of this post, visit me over at!


How to Do Crossfit at Home

by Jennifer on October 8, 2014

If you are trying to establish a workout routine that won’t break the bank, home workouts are your best bet. Fitness routines such as Boot Camp and Crossfit are really trending – thus, the prices to participate are often sky-high, but luckily there are many ways you can work on that killer-body at home. Crossfit is [...] To read the rest of this post, visit me over at!


People are often reluctant to start their fitness journey because they aren’t exactly sure where to start. Decisions such as which exercises to perform to which apparel/footwear basics to buy are all important to the budding gym-goer. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the workout gear basics for fitness beginners. [...] To read the rest of this post, visit me over at!


Getting Fit for Holiday Gatherings

by Guest on September 26, 2014

The holidays are just around the corner. For many of us, that means that we will be spending even more

time than usual around our family and friends. That may be a motivating factor to truly dig in and work

on getting fit for those gatherings.



We all know that we need to exercise, but have you found a routine that works for you yet? There are

some of us that can work up a sweat at the gym. Then there are those of us who rather keep it simple

and inexpensive and walk, jog, or run around their neighborhood. Others join sports or fitness-oriented

activities. A few others need the extra kick of hiring professional help. And even others that have

planned out in-home exercise routines that they can fit around the rest of their lives.

No matter how you exercise, the important part is that you do. Find the activity that you love and do it




Exercise can help keep your body running smoothly, but diet is important too in the overall fitness

balance. Is there something that you can do to eat better? You don’t necessarily have to give up

everything tasty to maintain or lose weight. Think about something small that you can tackle first. If

you enjoy soda, try drinking less of it than you already do. If desserts are your downfall, simply reduce

the portion size that you serve yourself. If carbs like pasta seem to stick to your waist, eat it less

frequently or try alternatives like zucchini spaghetti.


Honestly, changing the way you live can be much simpler if you do it by changing one little thing at a




Do you already have your diet and exercise under control? Still need a little extra help? Many people

turn to supplements to help them with that last push. If you are trying to pack on muscle, you may want

more protein in your everyday diet. If you are just trying to keep your joints pain-free, you may want to

look into glucosamine. Check out this infographic for other ideas!


How about you? Do you tackle your fitness goals extra hard before the holidays or does the beginning

of the year work better for you?