5 Surprising reasons to go running

by Guest on August 30, 2012

You already look good in skinny jeans and you can get a pretty good rosy glow with makeup, so why bother getting all sweaty? You may be aware of the well-documented benefits of running – including the toned figure and energized complexion – and feel like you can pretty much take it or leave it, but what if this fantastic form of exercise holds many more health boosters than you’d imagined? Read on and see if those running shoes don’t start looking much more appealing…

Your brain will thank you for pounding the pavements.
According to Zest magazine, running boosts blood flow to the brain, delivering more oxygen and nutrients. This in turn increases your mental functions, so you could see yourself becoming more productive in all aspects of your life.

Run to keep your memories alive.
According to The Globe and Mail, a study published in 2011 in the journal Physiology & Behavior showed that participants who exercised after a memory test performed better when they repeated the test than those who sat idle. The Globe and Mail also discussed a 2012 study, published in Archives of Neurology, which found that exercise seemed to counteract an increased risk of Alzheimer’s found in those with a particular gene variant called APOE e4.

According to Web MD, research on behalf of the Alzheimer’ Society and Bupa found only one in ten people are aware that regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing dementia, but running could be a great way to reap this benefit.

Clocking up the miles could make you smile.
Runner’s high exists and it’s due to the endorphins released by the workout. After a good run you’ll feel happier, more good-tempered and more easy-going, according to Zest, and you could experience less anxiety than non-runners. Exercise is also widely upheld as an alleviator of mild depression.

Be a runner and a fighter.
Well, your immune system could do the fighting for you if you kick it into gear with regular runs. A more powerful immune system – strengthened by exercise – will see you avoid more minor illnesses including colds, allergies and digestive disorders.

Avoid osteoporosis with a run.
This type of exercise can stimulate your muscles and bones to stay strong in the long run (sorry) so it could help you avoid osteoporosis – a disease of the bones – as you age.

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