Green tea: good for fat loss?

by Guest April 10, 2013
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As every professional or aspiring athlete and fitness fanatic will know, there are some foods and drinks that have the right properties to help boost health. A recent study, as published online, suggested that green tea could potentially aid fat loss, something that many people look to do as part of their wider fitness regime. […]

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5 Surprising reasons to go running

by Guest August 30, 2012
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You already look good in skinny jeans and you can get a pretty good rosy glow with makeup, so why bother getting all sweaty? You may be aware of the well-documented benefits of running – including the toned figure and energized complexion – and feel like you can pretty much take it or leave it, […]

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Reshape Your Body From The Inside Out

by Guest August 17, 2012
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Today’s guest post is from the amazing Nichole Kellerman! Check out the video below and then click here to download the BodyMind Workout printable! About the Author… Hi my name is Nichole Kellerman, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach. Having struggled with my own weight and self image in the past I am bound and determined […]

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5 Mind / Body Beneficial Sports Snacks

by Guest May 1, 2012
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Food is the fuel for our bodies — and as we all know, putting in bad fuel will not keep your engine running at its top capacity. That’s why, especially for athletes, it is essential to choose the right type of snacks in order to keep your body at its best. In fact, athletes burn […]

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Losing Weight by the Numbers

by Guest April 14, 2011

The following is a guest post from Bob Mauer! When it comes to losing weight, most of us cringe at the thought. Unfortunately, this is what may be keeping you from realizing your new year’s resolution or the following through on a diet. The strongest impediment is your own mind. Old habits and the seemingly […]

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Be the Best YOU You Can Be!

by Guest February 24, 2011

Greetings She’s a Fit Chick readers!  First off, I just want to thank Jennifer for presenting me with the opportunity to guest post on her blog; she does such a fabulous job with it and I am honored that she has let me be a part of something so positive and wonderful. I’m Roselyn and […]

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