Fitness Craze Spotlight – Aerial Yoga

by Jennifer July 23, 2014

The beauty of exercise trends is that they are ever changing. If you are an exercise lover there is always something that will tickle your fancy. Often times, new trends derive from age old practices; such is the case with Aerial Yoga. If you are embarking on this yoga journey, prepare to have your world […]

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Favorite Weight Loss Blogs

by Jennifer July 17, 2014

If you were to take a peak into my RSS reader, you’d find hundreds (that’s right, hundreds) of fitness blogs that I follow. With so much good reading out there, I can’t help myself! Each month I will start sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers that cover various fitness topics. Feel free to […]

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4 Common Form Errors in Strength Training

by Jennifer July 10, 2014

One factor that can really make or break your strength training progress is the form you exhibit when exercising. If you don’t have a personal trainer showing you the ropes, you might end up doing the exercises incorrectly, which can either prevent you from making progress, or even lead to injury. In strength training, it […]

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The Best Stretches to Get a Good Night’s Rest

by Jennifer July 2, 2014

Minor adjustments to your health and wellness regime can do wonders for other aspects of your life. Take sleep for instance. Most people struggle with sleeping at one point or another. There may be numerous reasons why you aren’t getting enough shut-eye such as stress, too much caffeine, emotional turmoil, etc. It is said that […]

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Brace yourself: what age is best for braces (Featured post)

by Jennifer June 28, 2014

(Featured post) If you make the effort to work out, go to the gym and eat right, the last thing you’ll want is a less-than-ideal smile letting your appearance down. By far the best solution to a crooked smile is braces. Straightening your gnashers permanently and giving you a smile to be proud of, braces […]

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Running on the Beach

by Jennifer June 17, 2014

You’ve probably heard that beach running is a completely different ball game compared to running on other surfaces such as cement, grass, or dirt. Well, it really is! With every stride the sand literally sucks you in. You will experience this sensation much more so on the softer sand away from where the waves break. […]

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