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A Steam Car Wash Will Make Your Car Look Beautiful and Clean

Wednesday , 1, December 2021 Comments Off on A Steam Car Wash Will Make Your Car Look Beautiful and Clean

Introduction:- The steam wash technology uses steam jets to create pressurized steam that cleans the car's surface with moisturizing and deodorizing effects. 

Advantages:- Traditional washing requires a lot of water and most of it is wasted. However, steam wash technology uses only one gallon. One other major advantage of the steam car wash technology is that it is highly eco-friendly and the best cleaning technique. It can be used to clean and wash other items. 

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The steam wash technology is a relatively new addition to the wash industry. There are some myths and reservations about it.

1. “Steam washing is a hoax” (Answer: Steam washing technology has been used in the carpet industry for decades and serves its purpose there very well.)

2. "Painting is risky with this technology" (Answer. Since the temperature of the steam when it hits the surface of the car is far below 100 degrees Celsius, the car paint is the same if the distance between the car and the gun is sufficient. The paint is not dangerous.)

3. 'It will scratch the car surface' (Ans. As the cleaning process is done by a mixture of heat water and pressure and there is no hard substance that would rub the car surface hence the chances of scratches are very minimal, but the device should be used in a correct manner.)