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Advantages Of Threshold Ramps

Wednesday , 20, October 2021 Comments Off on Advantages Of Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are foldable and can be carried along when traveling inside and outside the home, or left in place for convenience. They do not have to be affixed in any fashion and should be placed when needed. 

Some maintenance-free aluminium and rubber threshold ramps come in a fixed length, while others can be extended to at least three feet on either side of the doorway. 

Aluminum is the material most often used in portable ramps, making them very lightweight when transporting them around. The extendable versions of these ramps make them very versatile. 

They are also good for overcoming curbs and steps with ease, as long as the angle they are placed at is within a safe climb for the wheelchair. Aluminum ramps are designed to hold more weight than most, making them perfect for use with scooters, power chairs and even heavy-duty wheelchairs. 

The other type of ramps are rubber threshold ramps. They are designed for areas where extra traction may be needed because of environmental conditions, as well as for providing smooth transition quickly over raised surfaces.

Portability is even greater with rubber ramps, as they can easily be rolled up and stored in a pouch on the wheelchair, or even packed in a backpack.