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All About The Commercial Building Renovation Process

Tuesday , 16, November 2021 Comments Off on All About The Commercial Building Renovation Process

Renovating a commercial building can become overwhelming. Perhaps you have already launched a business of your dreams and you are now looking to expand. Renovating will increase the traffic to your business, improve employee energy, and create a safer work environment. 

Here are the things to know about the Commercial structure restoration Process.

1. Review Certificate of Occupancy

Checking the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) should be the first thing on your checklist. The document indicates that you can legally use a property for an office, private space, or maybe a restaurant. Most cities will have an online database where you can download a copy of a property’s CO. 

Changing a CO is costly and in some cases impossible. Expediters are an addition to your building team to speed up the slow grind permits, especially for commercial renovations. CO will also dictate small issues such as using the property’s backyard for additional business space.

2. Understand Existing Violations

If the building has not changed hands for some time, there may be some violations. For instance, the fire sprinkler could have malfunctioned. With a permit, you can discover such things and correct them to avoid costly stop-work orders on your renovation project.

City councils often keep an online database where you can search for violations. Have an expert such as an engineer help you spot the violations.

3. Review Structural & MEP Situation

You need to determine whether your property can handle your business. For instance, you can decide whether the renovation can create enough space for teamwork. Before drawing such plans, you should understand that walls are load-bearing and whether it is possible to move them or you have to consider the capability of the space.