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Aluminium Wiring Facts And Fallacies

Friday , 25, March 2022 Comments Off on Aluminium Wiring Facts And Fallacies

In the beginning, when it was used for branch circuit wiring the wire was used differently than copper. Because of the rising cost of copper during the 1960s mid-century Aluminium wiring began to become more common in the wiring of homes. 

It was understood then that the aluminium wiring needs a larger gauge wire than copper to transmit the same amount of current.

For instance, a typical 15-amp circuit breaker that is wired with no. 14 gauge copper will be required for 12 gauge aluminium wire, If you also require it then you can buy 12 gauge aluminium electrical wire online at

Aluminium Wire

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The typical connections of electrical wires and electrical equipment, sometimes known as terminals, are typically constructed using a wire that is wrapped around screw terminals before tightening the wire or pushing the wire into the outlet's back. You need to buy different wires for different work so if you need to buy 

Before 1972, the aluminium wire was produced in conformity with 1350 series aluminium alloy. The alloy was designed specifically to be used for power transmission purposes.

Corrosion is frequently cited as a cause for aluminium connections. In the year 1980, the National Bureau of Standards performed an investigation to discover the reason for the high resistance of connections made of steel and aluminium in the receptacles. 

The thin protective layer of oxide that is deposited on aluminium conductors is a factor in the superior resistance to corrosion of aluminium. If the terminations are properly done the oxide layer will be broken in the process of termination, which allows the proper contact to be created between the conductors' surfaces.