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An Introduction to Wood Lath

Wednesday , 13, January 2021 Comments Off on An Introduction to Wood Lath

Wood lath is a type of machine, generally used in rotating industrial products for ornament purposes. In short, lathe uses rotating devices that rotate parallel to the surface, and with the help of different tools, it can make unique cutting and design with solid material beams. 

Lathe tools reformat objects by cutting, drilling, knurling, and sanding, providing symmetrically designed products turned on a lathe. The different tools used for wood rounding are mostly of all lathe machinery. 

Various tools used with artificial lathes (Also known as “ เครื่องกลึงเทียม “ in the Thai Language) consist of different chisels, used to create unique designs and patterns resulting from wood turning. 

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And the amazing thing about wood lathe is not a unique design or pattern, but the fact that it can produce a fully finished work itself. 

While most tools used in industrial production require separate tools from the machine to complete the design, lathe has its chisel tools attached directly to the lathe, which allows it to do all the work at once.

Wood turning has many different shapes, styles, and designs to offer, maybe through various accessories for wood lathe. And with today progress in technology and machinery, accessories are more proficient than before. 

The most commonly used tool in rounding wood is the gouge, spear chisel, sloping chisels, separation chisels and round nose chisel.