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Benefits Of Lithium Polymer As An Environmentally Friendly Battery

Monday , 19, October 2020 Comments Off on Benefits Of Lithium Polymer As An Environmentally Friendly Battery

The erratic changes in our weather. The melting and destruction of glaciers in the North Pole. The dramatic rise of health problems in adults and children. All these are just some of the latest symptoms that tell us that our Earth is sick.

That's why it is so important to adopt good practices that reduce our impact on the environment. One of those practices is the safe and proper disposal of batteries. You can also buy lithium polymer battery pack online via

One example of a safe and eco-friendly battery is lithium polymer, which contains no mercury, lead-acid, or flammable solvent – chemicals that are known to be released as toxic spills and fumes into the environment.

A lithium polymer battery can also be easily disposed of in the regular trash or into a landfill, but not before fully discharging it in a bucket of saltwater for at least 2 weeks.

Certain batteries, for example, contain alarming amounts of lead, sulfuric acid, and mercury. If these environmentally harmful substances are not properly disposed of, they can enter the water we drink and the air we breathe, leading to all kinds of health problems like some cancers and upper respiratory illnesses in children and adults.

The good news is, many manufacturers are starting to adopt an environmentally responsible approach by switching over to eco-friendly batteries in an effort to minimize the disposal of harmful electronic waste in solid-waste landfills or incinerators. In doing so, the release of toxic emissions into the air is significantly reduced.

The fate of our planet and our children depends on how committed we are to employ the right resources that can reduce or eliminate environmentally harmful substances in the environment.