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Benefits Of Using Office Booth

Monday , 16, November 2020 Comments Off on Benefits Of Using Office Booth

Phone booth’s are mainly designed for open plane office. Generally, open office setups look cool and modern, but they do not boost productivity.

But, an office phone booth is an enclosed, private room that can help employees handle their work in peace. Also it can reduce the noise that could be occur from other employees when they are contacting business partners/clients, the voice of grinding coffee machine, a loud printer, outside traffic, etc.

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Here are some benefits that is very common but important at workplace:

Privacy: Modern offices, with their open designs, may be great for collaboration and teamwork. However, when it comes to enjoying a little privacy when answering a phone call, employees have to leave the office or move to a meeting room. Moreover, sound disturbance is not just an issue for employees making phone calls on the floor, but it could also be a problem for the receiver. Because the receiver also not able to listen the other side of voice.

Comfortable & Confidence: When you want to conduct work calls or making sales calls over the phone, phone booth is an deal choice because noise disturbance could lead to both parties mishearing each other and/or repeating themselves multiple times during the call. This  may also annoy your client but using phone booth, employee is much more cheerful and patient during phone calls and is able to serve the customer a lot more effectively.

Health Issues: Many office workplace interruptions can cause on workflow and productivity. Employees can affected by stress and anxiety perform poorly and their relationship with their colleagues and peers is also negatively affected.

Overall, installing a phone booth in your open plane office is the best choice for your employees productivity.  Apart from that, they can do their work in ease. Also these phone booth can use as a meeting room or one on one video calls, it is quite easy to communicate with client.