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Breast Implants – The Magic of Autologous Augmentation

Friday , 10, September 2021 Comments Off on Breast Implants – The Magic of Autologous Augmentation

Imagine if all of your excess fat could be taken and placed right where it is needed most: on your breasts. Autologous augmentation has made this dream a reality. These breast augmentations use your fat tissue to enhance your breasts and give you a natural look. You can get information about autologous fat transfer through

The Problem with Silicone & Saline

There were two options for implants in the past: silicone or saline. As we all know, silicone was removed from the market in the 1990's. Although they were made again available a few years back, people remain unsure about their health risks. You could get into trouble if a silicone implant bursts.

Although saline is safer than silicone, they aren't as natural-feeling as silicone. They are often preferred by many because they have low risks, but can make breasts feel hard. Silicone gives you a more natural feeling; silicone feels almost identical to the real thing.

Your Body can be your Implant

Autologous implants are unique because they are made from your body. Autologous implants do not introduce foreign material into your body. This is a huge win for natur lovers.

This process uses tissue from your body to give you the best natural augmentation. Because most of the breast tissues is fat, the breasts move as they should.