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Choose the Perfect Ceramic Window Tint Film for Your Car

Friday , 17, September 2021 Comments Off on Choose the Perfect Ceramic Window Tint Film for Your Car

Is it possible to tint a complete vehicle? But what about the actual cost? There are several types of ceramic window film options.

Dyed Nonreflective or 2ply car window film – The lowest form of life in car window tinting is the non-reflective dyed films. This vehicle film may be familiar to you: purple window film with bubbling and peeling. 

Ceramic Window Tint

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The protection and heat rejection of ceramic dyed films are very limited. Its sole purpose is cosmetic. The majority of ceramic dyed or 2-ply films have a 3-year warranty. It will be more expensive to remove in the future. 

Dyed Hybrids ceramic tint film This is the most widely used group of ceramic window films. These films offer average heat resistance and come with a lifetime guarantee. These films contain a mixture of metals and dyes. 

Full metal jacket ceramic film  – Metal films are made of metal and contain no dyes. They also have a reflective appearance. Metal films are very heat-resistant and won't fade. 

Ceramics window films – Ceramics do not have to be dark in order to protect vehicle occupants. The cheapest and most expensive ceramic films will offer better protection than the lightest. Many films include some UV protection. For more information on warranties, types of films and costs, please visit your local shop.