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Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Get Your Record Clean

Tuesday , 30, November 2021 Comments Off on Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Get Your Record Clean

Every day is filled with mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to criminal charges. A criminal conviction can have a negative impact on your future. Potential employers, financial institutions, and landlords can access your file online. They can also make decisions about you based on what they find. 

You may be eligible for expungement or non-disclosure of your file in certain cases. It is worth speaking with a criminal lawyer in Toronto to find out more regarding the same.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you are eligible, all records, including fingerprints, arrest records, and reservation photos can be erased. Although deportation is not allowed in all cases, it is possible to challenge arrest records and reservation photos. This will prevent any negative consequences that may have affected your life.

You are not eligible to have your file cleaned up if you are found guilty or subject to penalties. If you are found guilty of a charge and have been convicted, a competent lawyer may be able to clear your record. 

A case that is not billed indicates that it has not been referred to a criminal trial. This is similar to the case being dismissed. You may also be entitled to a clean criminal record if you have not been charged but your case has been filed.

If a person is a victim of identity theft, the criminal uses their name and information to commit the crime instead of their own. Since they did not actually commit the crime, identity theft victims may have their records written off.