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Different Methods To Apply Undercoating?

Wednesday , 19, August 2020 Comments Off on Different Methods To Apply Undercoating?

The sub-layer is sprayed on the chassis and is marketed and advertised to clients like rust protectants which also helps reduce road noise. It is always best to apply a primer when you buy a new car, as it covers the surface and not the dirt or other "substance."

If you are thinking of investing in an under layer, you will have some options to consider. Now, to be clear, if you opt for the dealer-installed – you'll probably have no choice, dealers have their preferred methods. You can also get it done from the auto car undercoating and maintenance repair service in Edmonton.


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Here are the different methods of application products undercoats.

1. Spray: The most common method applied dealer sublayer is through the jet. The coating itself is a tar-like thing that "sticks" to the undercarriage elements and acts as a barrier to resist salt, oxygen, moisture, and other elements that lead to corrosion.

2. Electronic: This method involves removing the electrical current capacity of elements under the vehicle. It flows a weak electric current through the material, which reduces the corrosion potential.

3. Dripless spray oil: The last option is to spray anti-drip oil. This is a waxy substance that is applied to the entire vehicle (body and chassis) to provide a sufficiently powerful layer of strength but can wear thin quickly than other conventional methods.