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Everything You Need to Know about Ceiling Hoists

Friday , 24, December 2021 Comments Off on Everything You Need to Know about Ceiling Hoists

Ceiling lifts are one of the most effective and safest ways to lift and move people in a treatment or rehabilitation facility. With all your lifting equipment mounted on the ceiling, there's no need to occupy floor space with traditional stands and other equipment. 

Since the best ceiling hoist solutions carries most of the weight of the person being lifted at the same time, there is minimal risk to the caregiver. Instead of having multiple people move patients, treatment facilities can easily move residents from one area to another with just a professional.

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It is well documented that using a properly installed ceiling lift can reduce the risk of over tension, stress, and injury during the moving and handling process. This means greater comfort for patients and individuals, as well as higher job satisfaction for nurses.

To get started, of course, you need the right blanket and sling system.

The ceiling lift system is one of the most respected options for moving and transporting equipment on the Australian market. The lifting module is designed for the toughest lifting requirements of up to 500 kg and is ideal for use in any environment. They make sure that even the nursing staff can perform daily lifting maintenance without any problems.

The ceiling lift system provides:

  • Efficiency and Ease of Use
  • Convenience for caregivers and consumers
  • Safety for caregivers and consumers
  • Better resource management
  • Improved ergonomics in medical facilities
  • Improved treatment speed