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Fast And Easy Cloning Guide

Thursday , 9, July 2020 Comments Off on Fast And Easy Cloning Guide

You have always found that the ability to clone cannabis plants is very adorable. You have to think about it – don't just take a piece of plant and plant it on another plant.

You plant it in the same plant! How it grows, what responds well, what doesn't when it all ends, all this gives you the opportunity to plant more than one plant from just one.

There are so many terrible and equally powerful "cloning guides" that are complicated. These instructions will not tell you anything that you can actually use, or you will feel very overwhelmed.

Cloning is too big not to do (unless you just want to). Here is a clear, fast, and easy cloning guide. If you want to buy clones then you can visit

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You need the following:

• Peat pellets: You can find them in any park or kindergarten. Jiffy is a popular brand.

• Sharp knife/razor: It is like to use a razor, but use whatever you want as long as it's not blunt.

• Containers and cups: Containers for soaking your pellets and cups for harvesting cuttings.

• Moist dome: You will most likely find it next to or with peat pellets.

• Alcohol: Rub rubbing alcohol to sterilize something. Don't be dirty

Spray bottle: Not required. Only something that sprayed fine mist.

That's all, that's what you need. When you use the rooting hormone, each brand works. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that one is far superior to the other. They all use the same chemical, idol butyric acid (IBA), only in different carrier solutions.