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How Asbestos Fibres are Different from Cement?

Saturday , 7, August 2021 Comments Off on How Asbestos Fibres are Different from Cement?

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At times, you might get confused between asbestos and fibres if those two are the same or different. While both are not similar things, there’s a thin line of difference between them. Here is how you can differentiate both materials.

Do Cement Products Contain Asbestos?

Cement comprises fine powders that are used to add strength and bind the materials together. It is a common and major ingredient in mortar and concrete. Without it, you cannot build highways, bridges, dams, and buildings. However, cement products like fibre cement sheeting can consist of asbestos.

Does All Fibre Cement Sheeting Contain Asbestos?

The confusion starts when you see the fibre cement in various variations like fibrous or fibro cement. Have you seen the fibre cement sheeting? It is a moisture, durable, termite, and fire-resistant material that is generally used for roofing or external cladding. Its name comes from the use of several synthetic or natural fibrous materials to reinforce or strengthen cement sheets. For instance, cellulose fibre, paper, carbon fibre, or fibreglass have been added to the cement.

You might be thinking if the fibre cement consists of asbestos or not. A cladding made of fibre cement is different from the cement that comes out of the factory. In the 1800s, people have been adding strength to the cement using asbestos fibres. However, that stopped once people realized the dangers of asbestos in the cement. Since then, fibre cement has been created without using asbestos.

But if you have a home built in the past, it might contain asbestos-loaded construction material. The best way to be sure is to get a professional team for inspection and asbestos removal in Newcastle.