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How To Choose The Best Soft Serve Mix

Friday , 20, August 2021 Comments Off on How To Choose The Best Soft Serve Mix

Soft serve is a sweet treat that should be enjoyed whenever you want. Soft serve mix makes that possible with plenty of choices for making your own tasty desserts on demand. Whether you're planning soft serve at home or in the hospitality industry, you'll want the best options. You can also purchase the best soft serve base mix in Australia through various websites.

If you are looking for the greatest soft-serve mix, then keep reading. We've put together the following buying guide to give you the best tips for choosing a soft-serve mix.  


Liquid versus powder mix

Liquid soft serve mixes are based on milk and have fewer ice crystals than powder mixes. This liquid mixture is what you most often get when eating soft serve at restaurants. It also has a higher fat content than the powder mix.

Powder mixes have a longer shelf life, and are usually dairy-free, and must be mixed with water. This makes it more labor-intensive than liquid mixtures and leaves the door open to more human error in the preparation process.


Vanilla and chocolate are the most famous soft serve flavors. These two flavors are a "sure thing" when you only think about customer satisfaction. If you'd like to experiment with your customers a bit or try some "non-standard" options at home, consider purchasing a more challenging soft-serve flavor like coffee, mango, or salted caramel.