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Is Talc Safe Enough For Use In Natural Skin Care Products?

Friday , 10, July 2020 Comments Off on Is Talc Safe Enough For Use In Natural Skin Care Products?

When natural skin care products enter the mainstream, many people know better about the ingredients they apply to their skin. People worry about parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and powder. Although talc has been controversial in the past, the cosmetic powder used in many natural skin care products is 100% safe.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Therefore, many ingredients of products used on the skin, such as lotions, shampoos and cosmetics, are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Because the U.S. government not conducting cosmetic safety studies, these products often contain ingredients that are directly related to cancer, reproductive disorders, and other diseases.

There are many lawsuits that have been filed against talcum powder manufacturer because of its link to ovarian cancer. If you are also suffering from cancer due to the use of talc products, then you can search for talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit and baby powder cancer lawyers.

Concerns about talc safety arise from asbestos exposure, which can occur with some powder deposits. Inferior powder used by several companies in the past has been contaminated with asbestos, a famous carcinogen.

Talc is a mineral made by extracting talcum powder and then processing it by crushing, drying and grinding. Talc miners have also been shown to have no higher incidence of lung cancer than the general population where the mineral does not contain asbestos.

The resulting powder, which most of us are familiar with, is a smooth, lined mineral that absorbs moisture. Today there are many uses, including makeup, baby starch and antacids. The nature of the powder when used in natural skin care products gives them stability, skin adhesion, texture, lubrication and water resistance.