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Know All About K1 Visa Attorney

Monday , 17, January 2022 Comments Off on Know All About K1 Visa Attorney

The K-1 visa is a United States non-immigrant visa that can be used by fiances as well as wives of US citizens who are petitioning for citizenship. The average person may not know this, but a K1 visa lawyer would be aware that this type of visa cannot be utilized for the spouse of someone who is not an American citizen.

The spouse's application is filed by the petitioner within the US by submitting the USCIS form I-129F, which is submitted by mail to the USCIS Service Center. The petitioner needs to supply detailed documents to show that both parties are legally permitted to marry and documents proving identity and citizenship. You can also hire dedicated immigration attorneys to apply for a visa.

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Recent modifications made to the Law also restrict the number of petitions that a petitioner can submit and petitioners must not be a person with a record of partner. Recent changes to the Law restrict the involvement that "marriage agencies" in introductions and any involvement by these agencies has to be made public. 

If the spouse is a guest worker, they may be required to apply for an H-1B visa for non-immigrants. In relation to applying for A K-1 visa. If the visa is granted. The application materials are all sent to the National Passport Center for processing. The entire paper file wrapper will be sent to the US consulate or embassy within the state in which the fiance(e) is residing in a foreign country.

The Embassy personnel will interview the fiance(e) and will request additional documents to verify whether the relationship is genuine. The initial interview is quite straightforward and concise. If the interview goes as planned the visa will be issued immediately.