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Online Quran teaching- A new way forward

Saturday , 28, August 2021 Comments Off on Online Quran teaching- A new way forward

Online Quran lessons have become very popular in the Muslim community, particularly in other countries. This article highlights how to learn Quran online with tajwid at this age.

The origin and development of online learning

Online Quran learning and teaching have seen a growing trend in recent years. Online training has several advantages over traditional classroom training that takes place in a physical space. Benefits such as convenience, cost efficiency, time flexibility, etc. have made online learning a very viable option for students around the world.

Online Quran lessons

Al-Quran is God's book for Muslims and studying it is a basic requirement in Islam. Many people living in the West and other Muslim countries usually do not have access to study the Quran in physical classrooms or with teachers teaching nearby. Therefore, learning the Quran online is the only and the best choice for them.

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Some of the ways to study the Quran online are as follows:

Online lectures One-on-one lectures

Many professional teachers with years of experience teaching students in the classroom are turning their focus to online teaching. Therefore it is beneficial for both parties: teachers and students. 

Articles, blogs, and social media

There are many organizations that want to spread their religion around the world and work tirelessly for it. The new way to spread it around the world is by using the internet. These organizations have social media accounts and websites where they post articles, blogs, and videos about the teachings of the Quran. 

This way of receiving the teachings of the Quran is very effective and also free. Moreover, if they are a large and well-known organization that has a history of imparting religious knowledge, you can even trust the teachings of this organization.