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Should You Seed or Turf Your Lawn?

Saturday , 12, December 2020 Comments Off on Should You Seed or Turf Your Lawn?

If you're like most people, your lawn probably has problems from time to time. You may have worn patches where a path has been walked on, or maybe you are suffering from being used as a soccer field, or maybe there are bare patches under a tree or too much moss. How can you repair it?

Feeding and weeding

There are several products on the market that promise to feed your lawn and kill all moss and weeds. If you think your lawn needs a little toner, or if it looks a bit tired overall, it's worth a try. You may buy turf at affordable prices via the online store.

So how do you repair bare patches?

Sowing your lawn

Many people vow to re-sow each year. There are a variety of seed mixes available depending on your needs. For example, if your lawn has gotten a little rough because the hardier and more vigorous species have competed with the finer grasses, then you may want to saw all over with finer grass to try and reintroduce the mix. 

But if you plan to plant a patch, perhaps under a tree, or the goal scoop of the kids' choice, then you'll probably want a shade-resistant or hardy mix, and you'll have to shop around to find it.

Grass for your lawn

The alternative to seeding if you need to repair patches on your lawn is to buy grass. It is surprisingly easy to get good quality grass in small quantities from grass suppliers and is often a quicker and easier way to improve your lawn than by seeding.

Sprinkle with a sandy grass dressing, filling in the gaps around the edges of the new patch of grass. Press the edges of the new grass with your foot or the edge of a rake and water gently. Try to avoid walking on it for a few days, so that the grass has a chance to start rooting before putting pressure on it.