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Something You Should Know About Commercial Ceiling Fans

Thursday , 14, May 2020 Comments Off on Something You Should Know About Commercial Ceiling Fans

Commercial ceiling fans are now equipped with super quiet motors to do their best work. They are now becoming cheaper, smoother, and in various sizes ranging from commercial to large industries. Because of the need to ventilate a wider area, this fan is innovative and has a larger motor. This is the birth of another type of fan in the form of commercial or industrial fans.

Big commercial ceiling fans are now different from home fans that are used for homes and offices. Their function is based on performance and productivity. They have smaller but stronger blades and because they are also intended for industrial use, they now have larger, curved blades with an air flow pattern.

Some models may even have 60-inch blades for maximum performance. Because they can ventilate large commercial areas, they are sometimes referred to as commercial fans.

They are controlled by wall controls and can be used for two purposes such as cooling and heating. If heating is needed, they are connected to a heating system so they can distribute hot air when needed. If high ventilation is needed, this fan can provide adequate ventilation for cooling even in narrow areas without windows.

However, this fan is not recommended for home use. This is because of its size and ceiling height requirements of more than 10 feet. Although most of them have metal slats, some models have plastic slats, but somehow they can still be dangerous if placed on a low ceiling.