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Thumb Sucking and Teething: Should Parents be Concerned?

Friday , 29, May 2020 Comments Off on Thumb Sucking and Teething: Should Parents be Concerned?

Thumb sucking in very early babies can be seen as an adorable habit by many parents. However, as toddlers begin to teething, many parents are concerned that habitual thumb sucking can damage emerging teeth or even developing jaw structure. Is this something to worry about? Why do babies suck thumbs?

All children suck their thumbs at some stage. But why children suck their thumbs? It would appear that the most common time to suck is when children are tired, bored, or need comfort. You can visit the Amazon Uk website to purchase devices for finger sucking deterrence in children.

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There is a widespread belief among pediatricians that sucking is an instinct born; automatic habit born from the need to breastfeed.  Also, it has been observed that infants who are fed every three hours do not seem to suck their thumbs as diligently as they are fed every four hours.

Babies who are bottle-fed are also more likely to suck their thumbs than breastfed infants. Are parents to blame? It seems so. The latest Japanese study involving 131 pairs of twins found that there is a strong genetic influence in finger-sucking behavior in 66 percent of male twins and 50 percent of female twins and a nail-biting behavior in 50 percent of male and female twins.

Is thumb sucking harmful? American Dental Association says that thumb sucking does not cause permanent problems with teeth or jawline but continued beyond 4 to 5 years. In teething baby, thumb sucking does not cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, not sucking.