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Various Benefits Of Structural 3D Modeling In Industrial Structure Design

Wednesday , 2, June 2021 Comments Off on Various Benefits Of Structural 3D Modeling In Industrial Structure Design

3D structural modeling systems considerably improve the design schedule and the quality of industrial installations. With the appropriate 3D model, engineers can effectively solve complexity and delivery calendars for projects while integrating mechanical and structural systems.

The major challenge for the designer of industrial structures is the coordination of structural design with the manufacturing process due to changes that may occur during the development of the design. You can get a free consultation for your structural designs.

Due to the demanding design and construction schedules, engineers often initiate the structural design early in the project when the manufacturing process is always primary. This can lead to incompetent design and expensive errors at the time of construction.

With 3D modeling, the engineer can clearly view the relationship between equipment and structural members in 3D. 

For most missions, construction documents are drawn in the form of 2D plans and elevations that constitute a challenge for the designer to understand the possible design and interference between the members.

For example, an industrial installation can accommodate a series of boiler ships and storage tanks attached to a material handling system. Mechanical engineers would begin by drawing primary equipment sizes according to the capacity of the system as well as descriptions of access requirements. 

At this point, mechanical engineers can provide primary layout drawings to structure engineers who will then prepare an approximate layout to start the design of the structure.