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What Are The Latest Features Of Microsoft Excel?

Monday , 31, August 2020 Comments Off on What Are The Latest Features Of Microsoft Excel?

As one of the important applications in Microsoft Office is Excel which is earlier packed with exceptional functionality. Let's take a look at the new features of Excel. You can also look for Microsoft excel consultancy services online.

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1. Type New Chart in Excel

The capability to visualize the data with charts Excel has always been an asset and dominant capability. Excel has 6 new graphs to show off your efforts. New graph types including Waterfall, treemap, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.

2. The database Major

Excel 2016 now comes with a built-in function that makes it easier to modify and query your data. This new database improvement, which includes merging some earlier add-on programs such as Power Pivot and Power Query, more than justifies the upgrade.

3. Quick Analysis Tool

A fast analysis tool is a real time-saver, helping to move you in the right direction with your data. After you complete the spreadsheet or table, select the entire range. Look for the lightning icon worksheet in the lower right corner of the range.

4. Simple Collaboration and Sharing

This collaboration is more and more integrated into Office 2016. Select Sharing in the band to share your workbook with others in SharePoint, one drive, or other locations online.

5. Graphical Improvements

Formatted quick shapes, like colorful squares with rounded edges, have been accessible in Word and PowerPoint for a number of versions. Lastly, Excel 2016 has a new shape opportunity with preset styles to help make it fast and easily formatted.