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What role does running footwear play in running injuries?

Sunday , 22, November 2020 Comments Off on What role does running footwear play in running injuries?

The relationship between the use of the appropriate running shoe and getting a running overuse injury is a contentious theme. One can find firmly held opinions for both sides of this discussion and there is very little evidence that can help sort out the debate. The assumption is that an athlete needs the right running footwear because of their function to avoid an too much use injury from occurring, therefore if an unacceptable shoe may be used there is an raised chance for a running injury. Nevertheless, the specific research that backs up that typically held content is just not there resulting in all the beliefs and arguments relating to this issue. The athletic shoes marketplace is valued at several billion dollars and as much as half or maybe more runners will get an injury every year, hence a whole lot is at stake in this discourse.

During a recent edition of the podiatrist's livestream, PodChatLive the show's hosts spoke with the runner and podiatrist Michael Nitschke concerning this issue and what role, generally does the running footwear play in overuse injury. They also particularly discussed the latest shoe made by Nike which they state will decrease the running injury rate. There is certainly some Nike backed investigation that supports this claim, but that studies have not yet been published bringing about a lot of opinion and further more fuelling the debate for this matter. The edition was worthwhile since it considered all the troubles without taking either side or any other. The 2 PodChatLive hosts and Michael Nitschke are all runners themselves and also have to produce choices not merely for what shoes they are likely to run in but additionally try to make suggestions for their patients which they consult with clinical issues. This really needs to be completed in the perspective with the doubt together with the evidence that supports the prescription and use of running shoes. Certainly, they think that comfort has become the most important factor to consider when making choices concerning athletic shoes.