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Which Is Better Indoor Blinds or Curtains?

Wednesday , 9, June 2021 Comments Off on Which Is Better Indoor Blinds or Curtains?

Dressing a window can be a challenging task when you need to consider colour, texture, light, privacy, cost, and room decoration. When going to market to review options, the most common options considered are indoor blinds and curtains. We will discuss which of these is better in the matters of privacy, light control, affordability and interior aesthetics. 

indoor blinds

Privacy is possible with curtains and indoor blinds, however, blinds are the easier option. This is due to curtains needing to be open to provide light so you need to have multiple layers of curtains to provide privacy. These are usually sheer or netted curtains in addition to the main drop of the curtain on the window. Sheer indoor blinds can be installed, however, and in their down position provide privacy without removing light. 

blinds for privacy in your home

Without considering privacy, curtains are a great option for light in a room. In the open position there is maximum light and in the closed position (with the right type of curtain), there is little light in a room. Roller blinds are on an even level with curtains when it comes to light control, so either option would suit you here. 

Depending on the type of material, curtains tend to be cheaper, especially when you buy them "off the shelf”. As they experience lower rates of wear and tear, they also last longer. Indoor roller blinds can be done on the cheap, but you get what you pay for so don't expect them to last.


If you are looking to design rooms with patterns or colours, curtains are your best option. You can select colours, patterns, pictures, length, and use these to match and draw a room together. However, if you want a more sophisticated look and uniformity throughout your home, indoor blinds would be a better option.

When considering privacy, light control, affordability and interior aesthetics, both curtains and indoor blinds have their benefits and drawbacks. Consider which of the above are important in your decision and ensure they form part of your consideration.