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Why Are Tuckpointing Services Important In Sydney?

Tuesday , 19, April 2022 Comments Off on Why Are Tuckpointing Services Important In Sydney?

An old stone wall can last hundreds of years if it is well built. The forces of nature will eventually cause even the most well-constructed walls to crumble and need repair. 

Repair generally involves the removal of loose stones or the replacement of mortar joints that are missing or damaged. You can also search online to hire an expert in Sydney for tuckpointing repairing.

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Use pressure washing to clean dirt and loose material. The wall must be thoroughly pressure washed before you can start the tuckpointing process. This will not only remove dirt, mold, and soot from the wall but also etch the joints with pressurized water. This will help in bonding the replacement mortar.

It is important not to get too close to the wall. It might take some time to determine the right distance to clean the wall without damaging it.

If you can, fill in all mortar joints, you try to persuade customers to point in every mortar joint when they have stone tuckpointing jobs. This is due to some reasons.

First, most walls have a joint that allows you to point it in over existing mortar.

Because all joints are tuckpointed, the second reason is that all new pointing mortar will have the same color. This avoids any problems caused by customers expecting new joints to match their old joints perfectly. It is something that everyone wants, but few are willing to pay.

Third, you can use grout back to fill the joints. This allows for faster installation and provides more value for your dollar.